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A bit about the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme.

Why are we called the Wise Hippo?
As well as a play on 'hypnosis', did you know that the Hippo is the Native American symbol of the birthing mother? And Tawret, the Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility, has the head of a hippo! It is certainly the perfect symbol for our birthing programme.

Is the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme just about 'hypnosis'?
No, The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is a complete 10 hour ante-natal programme that runs as 4 x 2.5 hour classes. A workbook and 5 x mp3s will be provided to support your practice at home. The Wise Hippo birthing programme promotes a positive birth experience. You will learn about the physiology of pregnancy and birth, the connection between the mind and body and deep relaxation techniques. These tools will help calm even the most anxious of Wise Hippo mummies-to-be through pregnancy, birth and beyond and empower you to trust your body and to labour without fear.

The Wise Hippo statistics show:

  • 100% of women felt prepared and confident for birth
  • 100% were able to make calm and informed choices
  • The c-section rate was 16.7%, vs. the national average of 26.2%.
  • The induction rate was half the national average
  • Over half of women didn't need any pain relief in labour, and only 9% opted for an epidural!

How can I help you?
As a qualified Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor, I appreciate that every woman will have individual needs, wants and concerns with regards to their baby's birth and I teach with this in mind. You can then prepare for birth in a way that feels right for you. The deep relaxation techniques that are learnt will calm even the most anxious mummies-to-be, empowering them to trust their bodies, labour without fear achieving the right birth on the day.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is accredited by The Royal College of Midwives (RCM)The Royal College of Midwives

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